Monday, December 3, 2012

how humble people are the coolest people.

sunday afternoon.

i check my twitter account, definitely NOT expecting what was to follow.

matt rubano, my musical hero, retweeted that shrimp photo of mine.

my heart literally bursts of out my chest, suspended in air for a moment, and finally came back down to earth.

pure joy filled me up inside. there was probably a big smile spread across my face, too.

* * * * * * *

a reason why i love The All-American Rejects and Matt Rubano so much is because of how humble they are. they don't think they are all that cool, which is exactly what makes them so cool. they really truly care about their fans and make a real point to reach out to us.

i think it would be hard to be as humble as they are in an industry where pride is being thrown in your face. but they have always kept their heads on straight and never thought that they were better than anyone else. they've never been too big for their boots. not once. they truly are the most humble people i have ever known. isn't that amazing? i think it is.

so my moment came yesterday.

the fact that he would take the time to do this was just so super cool. if only he knew how much it meant...

someday, i will meet them in person. someday, i will be able to tell them that i am "The Shrimp Girl". :) and that will be a grand day, indeed.

thank you so much, Matt!!! you're the absolute BEST.

choosing joy,

1 comment:

Erin said...

Such an awesome thing to happen to an even more awesome person! So happy for you! Love - Erin

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