a project called Feathers

in november of 2012, i decided to open up Genuine to the public for readers to come and spread their own wings by telling their story. because we all have one to tell. and i'd love to hear it.

last year, we had five beautiful young women come together to tell their stories of pain and of holding on to hope and in the end, finding healing. a lot of them still recovering and having their hard days, but moving forward one step at a time. and it was a really beautiful thing to watch happen.

so i'm doing it again this year, for the first week in september.

and you'll have the opportunity to tell your own story.

and here's the thing that's so beautiful about doing that.

i don't want to hear some sugar-coated, happy fairytale.

because that's not what life is.

i want to hear where you've had raw pain. i want to hear about where you've hurt.

i want to hear something real.

not something fake.

something genuine.

i want to hear about who YOU ARE, beautiful.

so if you feel it's time, let the words come fourth and be brave.

and screw the fear.

i know there's something waiting to be told in all of us.

* * *

for further details on this years PF, go HERE. <<<

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