Wednesday, December 5, 2012

our own kind of genuine.

everyone's genuine is different. and duh, hannah, that's because everyone IS different.

and who made us different? Jesus.
the one who makes no mistakes.

* * * * * * *

i have gradually discovered, for the first time, i think, over the past couple of years how different i really am from other people. everyone is, but i have only recently figured it out for myself. i'm not all that graceful. i'm not a genius. i could probably grow a few more inches and stop eating so much sugar. but it's okay. and i'm finally learning that. and it's freeing me.


i like emo rock. how many friends do i have that can relate? none. zero. zip. and that's okay! it's not who they are. and whatever they love is who they are.

but you see, it's even those small things that can make us feel different in a bad way. we eventually discover that we are the only ones doing that one thing and we instantly flip over to insecure. only, however, if that aspect of us isn't being excepted. if people told me all the time that they love who i am, i wouldn't have to be healing from all these insecurities. but truth is, i am so different that people have reasons to not say it.

but that's not okay, because i am special and so are they. and i believe that there's a reason i meet every person that i do in life. and if i hadn't, it couldn't be helped. but we have. so why not accept each other instead of judge? because judgement can rip a soul apart. trust me, i know. that feeling of not being accepted eventually turns into feeling unwanted, which truly can tear away at you until there's isn't anything left but a heart not knowing where it's going or who it even is anymore.

i have three very dear church friends who accept me for exactly who i am. i love that i can wear black nail polish and know that they won't judge me for it. they know i have a probably unhealthy obsession with the all-american rejects. and they think it's funny! but not weird, because they love me and they accept me. and i never feel judged when i am around them.

another thing about them is they accept themselves, too. they are beautiful, confident girls who know exactly who they are in Jesus. i am so amazed by them every time i am with them.
walking inspirations...

i guess what i am trying to get across is this: 

we are all different. in appearance, in personality, everything. but we are all created equal.
and everything we do can be used to glorify Him. 
we can use the uniqueness of who He made us to be to be the proof of His Love.

what matters is that we always remain genuine. that we stick to our roots. that we stand firm in whoever it is that Jesus is calling us to be. and if that means tattoos for you, or skinny jeans, or dying your hair, then i support you all the way.

and maybe for you, you like wearing dresses more than jeans, and drinking tea and reading books. that's okay, too! it's you. it's who you are. don't try wishing you were someone else, okay? in fact, i sometimes wish i were more like that. but truth is, it's not me. i've tried it all. it just doesn't work out. but if it works for you, then do it. and embrace it.

and i also encourage you to take a good look at how you appreciate people's individual senses of creativity. because that in itself is a gift. so why not be thankful for it? love on it. let that person know he or she is loved. and appreciated. and that you would give up the world to watch them become their own person.

choosing joy,

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Hannah Lizzie said...

Hannah, I can't tell you how much I love your blog! I love how you aren't afraid to be yourself, and don't judge people for being different than you. You see, me, I'm the sweater lovin', tea drinkin', read-a-book-all-day-while-listening-to-orchestra-music, cat sort of girl, but I feel that if we could meet, we could still be good friends. :)

You inspire me, and I just wanted to let you know that. :)

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