Thursday, August 30, 2012

the day wasn't then. it was always NOW.

About this time last week, I went through the whole day knowing I wouldn't be seeing my favorite band in concert that night... because I was just too young. It was an extremely frustrating and tearful day. And when I looked at my clock and read eight o clock (showtime), I couldn't have been sadder.

The next day my dear friend Molly commented on a post I wrote about my disappointment and told me that Jesus must just have another plan in mind for me and the Rejects. I believed her and have been trying all week to trust Him and His plan, which is always perfect. I decided that someday, I would have my moment, it just wasn't today.

Well, it came sooner than I thought.

Yesterday, I posted a question for Nick Wheeler himself on twitter and today, my question was posted and is waiting for him to answer it.

All I can say is WOW. That moment when I saw my name for the first time displayed on the screen, with my question? It was the most amazing thing ever. I can't even put into words the joy I feel right now. My heart is bursting at the seams. :)

The truth is, that Jesus always does what's best for us. He had His reason for me not getting to go to the concert. I thought maybe he didn't want me to ever meet them or have something like this happen. But I was wrong. Turns out, today was the day he had planned for me.

So I have some people to thank. First and foremost, Jesus, for blessing me the way He knew I really always wanted. For making a mega-sized dream of mine come true. :) Second, I would like to thank Molly for giving me some hope when I didn't have much. You rock my world, girl. Love you to death! <3 And third, to Nick Wheeler. Nick, thanks for being so awesome. You have inspired me in more ways than you could ever imagine.

That is all.

much love,


Molly Marie said...

Oh my goodness gracious Hannah dear! ♥ You are very welcome :) And you are just so kind and loving and amazing. <3
This was such a true example of true faith. So inspiring :D
I love you so much girlie! I know I've never met you in real life, but I honestly don't know what I would do without you ♥


the girl called Hannah said...

Molly, dear!!! :) I love you, too! Can't imagine my little life without my middle name twin. ;)


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