Monday, August 27, 2012

it's inevitable. so just face it.

one day, girl, you WILL, if you haven't yet, catch the Bieber Fever. i caught it at age twelve. and i still love this boy as much as i did back then. if not more. when you fall in love with him for the first time, sparks fly and your heart pretty much just wants to burst out of your chest with ardent love. it's a pretty magical thing, loving Justin Bieber. and readers, if you've stayed with me this far, this will probably be the post you read and then go unfollow me afterwards. but i'm sorry. in the words of my nine year old cousin, "i just can't help myself! he's just so wonderful!" i agree with her. couldn't have phrased it any better, actually.

i'm sorry, haters, but IT IS just everything about him: his hair, his smile, his eyes, his style, his dance moves, his genuine sweetness, his down to earthness, his talent. and it goes on and on. and when he sings 'one less lonely girl', i can't stop myself from bawling like a baby. i know, i have some issues when it comes to fangirling. but you already know that, don't you? (*cough, cough, AAR, cough, cough*) i have no shame. probably should, but i'm a teenager and that is my lame excuse. so there you have it.

burgundy skinny jeans. check. YES. <3

gah. he is completely and utterly adorable. it is all just too perfect. okay, okay i am done now. sorry for ranting. but it's inevitable. so just face it. don't ever think it's not. because just when you think you're immune to this crazily wild and wonderful enchantment, that's when you catch it. and you get a bad case of it. okay, okay i'm done trying to convert you all. it will happen. all in good time! :)

with hugs and kisses,


M Gates said...


kinga said...

I had bieber fever for about a week a couple years ago, then I moved on + now I'm kind of indifferent about him. All I listen to are basically musicians from Youtube. :)

Molly Marie said...

I have honestly never had the bieber fever, and I don't believe I ever will. I have never really though anything much about Him. I've never hated him, yet I've never loved him.
Instead, I think I have the One Direction Infection ;)


KayleeBeth said...

kinga - i am like you, used to have it... got over it =)

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