Saturday, August 25, 2012

beautiful people do beautiful things

let me tell you a story. it's a story about this girl i saw at a walmart yesterday afternoon. as she was putting our groceries into plastic bags, i caught a glimpse of a tattoo wrapped around her wrist. it said, "R.I.P Mark". and i knew that this girl had a story of some sort. someone she loved wasn't there anymore.

then there's this guy. and you all know him as nick wheeler of the all-american rejects here on this little blog. a couple of years ago, he got a tattoo of his dog he had growing up. she was fourteen years old when she passed away shortly after.

i know how a lot of people view people in general with tattoos. or piercings. i used to think the same way. until a few months ago. i used to see someone with a bunch of colored inks printed on them and i would think, "she's a creep. she's messed up". and now i can see how wrong that kind of thinking was. how wrong i was. that was when i was this black and white thinker. but now i'm not thinking like that anymore.

i believe in the freedom to be yourself. people seem to be excepting it better now, all except for people with tattoos and piercings. well let me tell you, the guys of AAR are some of the sweetest people i have ever seen. and they have lots and lots of tattoos. and piercings. but it doesn't faze me one bit. it's who they are. it's how they express themselves.

and i know what a good portion of you are thinking right now, "when she's eighteen, she's gonna go out and get a ton of tattoos!". no. i won't. because that's not who i am. it's not me. but it's who they are. it's how they feel like they can be them. and if that were me, i would do it, too. i wouldn't hold back.

people are beautiful. and so i believe that whatever they do to express themselves is beautiful, too. and if that means getting tats or gauges, then i support it. all the way.

happy weekend, lovlies!

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Molly Marie said...

I have never thought about it this way before... I am one girl that is very quick to judge, but I really like your perspective on it. I suppose that if that is how they chose to express themselves, than I am going to except it. I myself, will never get a tattoo, just because I know I never will, but your right Hannah, it these people get them to be themselves, than I have nothing wrong with it. because God created each and every person different, and I want to love them like God does ♥


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