Friday, August 24, 2012

i can't be there, but i'll pray for you.

dear All-American Rejects,

i was disappointed. extremely. disappointed. you are here, today, probably right now, in my hometown and i can't see you perform tonight. i was going to, but it turns out i'm just not old enough.

there were some tears when i first got the news, and when i had to break it to my friend, that was the worst. we were gonna come see you guys together.

i wanted to see you, and meet you if i could, and tell you what a positive impact you have had on my life. although i knew i probably wouldn't ever get that chance, i wanted to tell you so bad. maybe someday i still will...

but it's okay. i won't cry anymore. in fact, i'll be happy. i will pray for you when it's time for you to go out on that stage. i will follow your tweets and find out what you thought of the place where i have grown up. i will listen to your records all night long. i will wear my pink and purple AAR shirt.

i would have been there if i could. i'd be the one making the bee line for the barricades. i'd have been the one in the very front, smiling and glowing and just so happy to see my heroes in person.

so i won't cry, i will sing instead. all night long, in my bedroom, jamming it out. i'll just pretend i'm there. with you guys. doing what i love. music.

God bless, boys!


Jessica said...

Oh no, Hannah!!! I'm sorry. :( I know you've really been looking forward to that concert....

Why was there was an age limit, anyway?

~Jessica T.

Molly Marie said...

Awww, Hannah, that's always sad when something like that happens, trust me, things like that have happened before, and I have felt completely heartbroken.
But remember, maybe this just wasn't God's plan for you right now, and one thing I am always telling myself is: When one door closes, another one opens ♥


Anonymous said...

I know this is a little late, but I'm so sorry you weren't able to go!!!!! I know how much you were looking forward to it!!!!! You have such an amazing attitude about It though! Truly Jesus Christ in you!! Love you!!

Kristen "Bee"

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