Saturday, August 25, 2012

thank you, great big amazing musicians. you inspire me everyday.

and the title pretty much sums it up.

i wanted to write this post, not to fangirl, but to stop and say thank you to a couple of really awesome people out there who probably won't ever read this, but i just wanted to say it.

dear All-American Rejects, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Chris Rene, Tenth Avenue North and For King and Country,

you have blessed me in more ways than you can ever imagine. some of you have encouraged me to be myself and live my dreams, and others have helped me to "move along" from the past and finally heal. i wouldn't have the passion i have now for music if it weren't for you all.

you have all been such great influences on my life.

dear tyson, nick, mike and chris,
you have taught me to move along even when it's hardest. you've taught me to be free and loose and wild and, well... just myself. you taught me that there are guys out there ( besides justin bieber ) who can pull off colored skinny jeans. you inspired me to pick up guitar.

dear taylor,
you taught me how to deal with that mean girl who makes me feel like i'm nothing.

dear chris,
you show me how Jesus works through all things.

dear justin,
you taught me to go for my dreams.

dear tenth avenue north,
you helped me to heal after a great loss in my life.

dear luke and joel,
you showed me what Godly, respectful men should be like.

thank you, amazings. you bless me.

with hugs and kisses,

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Molly Marie said...

I loved this, Hannah :) Music is one of the things that ispires me so much. I don't think I could get through life if it wasn't for music. I couldn't name off a ton of people that inspire me, but at this current moment I am thinking of Taylor Swift, One Direction, Britt Nicole, Casting Crowns, Matthew West, Kari Jobe, and man, there are so much more.
I love your posts so much Hannah, because they aren't really like any other bloggers, but they are so unique, and so genuine. Thank you for being so special ♥


P.S. I loved your letter to Justin, especially the part about the skinny jeans ;)

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