Tuesday, May 1, 2012

it's about being ( and believing in )Yourself.

all i ever see anymore is people doing the exact opposite. these days, there are those who will do just about anything to fit in; they will go with the flow to be excepted. now i have been there. this is important for ya'll to know. i'm not perfect, in fact i'm far from it. and i remember being desperate for attention at one point in my life. so i did whatever everybody else around me was doing. even then, i didn't feel satisfied and i was left still searching for something.

one day, though, i woke up and realized i was, and always had been free to be myself. i just never really knew. i'd grown up around lots of people telling me Truth all the time, and i thought i always knew it too, but i never really did.

and now i do.

Basically all I'm trying to say here in this big mess of a collaboration of words is just to believe in yourself, baby. Don't ever give up. Just have a little faith. What do we have to lose?


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