Saturday, February 16, 2013

our futures will all be bright. brighter than the stars.

although my dream has been to become a rocker, i recently asked myself this question,

"what can you really, truly see yourself as? who do you want to see yourself really become?"

* * *

well dreaming has always been a touchy subject for me.

for a long time, i've had reality shoved down my throat. i haven't grown up with a lot of money, i have lost friends, and i have lost family.

so when it comes to trying to be just a little bit impractical, or simply dream, i struggle. i struggle with the idea that there could be even the slight possibility of something besides what looks the most obvious.

becoming the rocker i wanna be doesn't seem- and it really isn't- at all practical.

sometimes when i take a step down from the clouds i realize that my chances are slim.

* * * * *

it is good sometimes to not have unrealistic expectations, but if i have learned anything, it is that Jesus can do anything He wants to. and He wants me to do something about this shriveled up world, i know.

now what am i going to do about it?

all i know, today, is where He is leading me.

it may not seem likely, and there are those that are against me in this.

but a friend recently reminded me, "if God is for you, then who could ever be against you?"

she is so right.

xoxo and happy saturday, lovelies. hannah.


Molly Marie said...

You're amazing, Hannah <3 Keep on dreaming, girl. If this is what God wants for you, He will lead you to it.


the girl called Hannah said...

Thank you, Molly!!

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