Friday, February 15, 2013

a post about growing red hair.

brave is not a word i would use to describe myself.

my hope is that every day, i will become more so, but i think it will be a while before i am completely, one hundred percent surrendered to my fear of screwing up.

it is a fear that has crippled me. it is a fear that molded my life into something very fragile.

for me, i define bravery as living life full out, letting nothing hold me back from saying what i think, or being proud of who i am, or caring less of what others think of me.

i always wanted to be braver, but i never really knew where to begin. and i knew that being brave would take me stepping out of my nice, warm shell. i didn't want to leave that shell. but truth is, that time i spent in the shell, those three years, i was a very lonely, sad, and bitter person.

that was no life back then.

* * * * *

taking braver steps forward does get easier. it becomes more natural after a little while to try new things. and eventually, you learn to care less about what people would say.

bravery makes people do things they wouldn't do inside of a shell.

it's made me love deeper and harder. it's made me find security in myself. it's made me believe in a God i can't see, but i know is always gonna be there for me. it's made me chase after dreams i know are impractical, but yet i still choose to believe in anyways.

and that is point of being brave, i think.

giving your all to everything that is impractical or said to be impossible. not knowing what will happen, or if everything will work out the "safe way".

but that is bravery, love.

and bravery saves lives.

and it makes the broken-hearted blossom.

choosing joy,


Molly Marie said...

Oh my gosh, Hannah, I loved this post. I have always been shy. My whole life, I've always been known as the "shy" one in my group of friends, and being brave has always been a far off thing to me. This post was so inspiring, and you are so right, bravery does save lives. Thank you, for this little bit of inspiration on being brave <3


the girl called Hannah said...

You are most welcome, Mollie! You have no idea how much your words mean to me. <3 Love you, sweet girl!!

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