Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the warfare inside.

inner warfare

it's when all your thoughts are locked inside and you're the only one that knows. and you battle with yourself. the good and the evil fight against each other to win you over in the end.

you can't explain what's going on inside. you get the feeling you're going crazy.

but it's just your heart being molded and shaped and stretched to change you into a better person. it's just you in the making. it's just Jesus fashioning you a pair of wings. but you can't quite see them yet.

you try to explain it all to some people, but they just can't wrap their tiny little minds around it. so you're on your own side.

you feel like there's something so wrong with you.

but when the darkness turns to light, it all ends. and then you are set free. it's like fireworks. like fireworks exploding out of your chest.

and a weight is lifted.

and you can see clearly now.

- love hannah.

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