Thursday, September 13, 2012

and i'll probably be too much for some, but i could care less.

i want to experience my highschool years. not like go out and smoke weed or anything or party and get drunk, but just experience life a little. be a little braver.

i want to be considered an extrovert. an adventurer. a kid in the street. i want to blow off more fireworks. i want to sing out loud more. i want to get my shoes a little dirtier. i want to dance all night under the sky. i want to live more. not worry about things as much. sing even though i'm getting the words wrong.

i'll probably be too much for some people.

but i don't wanna miss a thing. and sometimes i get the feeling i just lock myself down too tight to do anything real. i wanna do things i'll remember. i don't ever want to regret not taking hold of what could have been some of the funnest times of my life. so...

i'll spontaneously break out in dance in the middle of a walmart.

i'll wear more jewelry.

i'll write on my converse.

i'll let my hair get tangled.

i'm loosening up. i'm letting go of being perfect. i'm becoming okay with being a little messier.

with hugs and kisses. hannah.


Alexandrea Brewer said...

Agreed! Thanks for sharing with us!

amani S. said...

I'll laugh a little louder. Care less what others think. Be me!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I totally agree, friend. :) By the way, Brothers, singing, and walmart.... some of the most ambarrassing experiences of my life...... haha!


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