Sunday, June 24, 2012

when happiness becomes official

about a week or so ago, i received possibly the most beautiful email i will ever receive. the title read, "The All-American Rejects just announced a concert!". so what? i thought to myself. it doesn't matter. i've already missed my one and only chance to see them in concert and now it's gone. it doesn't matter to me if they are clear across the world tomorrow, and why should it? i still can't see them. but i still opened it up. and in the moment i read the first line, i screamed and started tearing up and it was a horrible mess. it said that the band was coming back to kansas city on august 24th.

it was the happiest moment ever. i literally just sat there, smiling this stupid, crazy fan girl smile at the screen for a couple of minutes, taking in it's pure gloriousness. because i really don't think i've ever seen a more beautiful email in my life!

then i got worried. i wondered about a bunch of things. i doubted that anyone would be willing to take me, because i don't know anyone who loves the band as much as i do. and i needed someone to take me. then i was worried about a song that i don't listen to being played. mega buzzkill. but i wasn't giving up there. i had waited and waited and hoped and prayed and waited. i was not gonna let this defeat me. now now.

so i talked to a friend. she wanted to go, too. we talked to our parents and surprisingly, mine said they would take us. we were beyond stoked.

okay, one thing to mark off. now i knew all i had to worry about was what songs would be played. because it could be bad if one i don't listen to was played. because i don't listen to some of them for good reasons. but after hearing a good sermon at church this morning, i've decided to go on ahead and let everything be in God's hands. i'm not gonna worry, i'm gonna let Him be in control. i'm gonna trust Him and i will pray that whatever songs they choose to play that night God will bless. that He will be all over that. i'm praying for Him to be in that situation. i'm not gonna try to control what i can't control. it's in His hands and He can do anything.

so i'm super happy, as you can probably tell. all of this barely seems real. when i got my t shirt in the mail the other day, it was like AAR suddenly became that more real to me. it was amazing.

so, after all my daydreaming, it's official. i am going to see the all-american rejects in concert. thank you, Jesus!!!

with hugs and kisses,


M Gates said...

Ah! I'm soo excited!!! :D

the girl called Hannah said...

I am, too!!! And the experience will be all the more amazing with my bestie with me. ;D

M Gates said...

Aww! Oh and P.S. that shirt is fabulous. hehe :)

the girl called Hannah said...

Yes, I know, right? A bestie of mine gave it to me. ;)

M Gates said...

Wow. She must have an excellent sense of style. ;) Hahahaha. It looks so pretty on ya!

the girl called Hannah said...

Yeah, yeah she def does... :)

Morgan Nicole Ilg said...

ohhhh I am so happy for you! You will have a great time!
you are so beautiful!
have a great rest of your day!

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