Sunday, June 24, 2012

to the country and back.

i spent most of saturday hanging with my dear friend, tess, at her aunt's house in the country. she owns a completely breathtaking piece of property so you know who was going ga ga over taking a bunch of pictures. :)

there was lots of games, spontaneous posing for my camera ( which made me very, very happy ), and crazy-awesome people. i had a blast of a time getting to meet her family.

the trip through the rolling country side was gorgeous.

these are tessy's little sisters. meet kate and lia. they are two kinda really awesome little gals.

they were kinda excited to finally get there.

angry birds on the ipad. now they have me hooked.

oh goshbubbles. where do i begin? i was completely in awe when we reached our destination.

sheesh. gah.

my friend loves her munchies.

okay, so how is it that i have the most beautiful friends in the whole world? sheesh. gah. ♥

my friend has the most adorable little cousins ever. a few of them reminded me of my own and now i'm really, really itching to see them again. and they were sooo photogenic. which made me very, very happy.

this is ellie. she was a little comedian.

this was their fort.

ellie and lia. cousins. and besties.

epic fail.

go fish.

tessy took a photo on her phone of me taking a photo which i took a photo of.

their grandpa had this motorcycle, and he took all of his grand kids for rides on it.

yo, this be my gangsta friend.

the lineup for rides. ellie organized it all.

hi, evey.

this is ben. the youngest of the bunch. what a sweetheart he was.

silly girls!

of all the pictures i took that day, this would have to be by far my favorite. love the light and the color in this one, and love her sweet smile.


this is coco.


"hannah, look, i can give her bunny ears!"

"tessyyyyy! when do i get to ride?!?!"

tess had to hold ben's teddy bear when his turn came. wouldn't want to drop him on the bumpy ride, now would we? no, no we didn't because we knew there would be a heck of a lotta tears if that happened. and child tears are my kryptonite.

easily one of the highlights of my summer. thanks for letting me tag along for the ride, tess.

much love.


Megan said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, Hannah!! You have a wonderful gift! :)


Molly said...

These are absolutely gorgeous, Hannah :D I would have to say the 14th is my favorite :)
I have always loved going out to the country, so I can relate a little bit. Glad you had a great time!


Lindsey Madison said...

So much fun Hannah!! Thanks for following me! :) I'm following you back love. ♥

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