Friday, July 5, 2013

project Feathers, 2013

for one week last november, i opened up Genuine for you to come and tell your story to the world.

now i'm giving you that chance again.

this time, for the first week in September.

so that gives you plenty of time to write out your beautiful story, if you feel called to tell it.

what i want is to hear about your brokeness. i want to hear the raw pain, nothing sugar-coated.

i want to hear about your whole genuine life. i want to hear about what has happened to bring you to where you are right now. what's happened to hurt you. what's happened to heal you. how you've changed. and if you haven't healed, write about that. i want to know all about it. i won't judge, and if you'd like to keep it all anonymous, i respect that completely.

so if you feel like it's time to tell that story, please do.

email it to me anytime before September first.

this time around, i'm not setting a limit as to how many stories i'll be taking. last time, i believe it was seven. but this time, if it needs to run more than a week, so be it. i'm letting God run this show here.

so tell all your friends! be creative. use photos from your past if you want. i want you to make this story your own. because it already is.

i'll look forward to hearing about who YOU ARE, beautiful.
don't be afraid to let it take it's natural course and be real. you don't have to write well, you just have to write what you feel. 

that's all i ask.

god bless, y'all! 
xx. hannah.

further details:
"Project Feathers, 2013" participants will receive one silicone "Genuine- Always Choose Real" wristband with the entering of their story, so be sure to include your addresses with your story via email if you'd like to claim your bracelet! :)

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