Wednesday, April 24, 2013

6 kinds of happy | updates on where i am.

via Hayley Williams.

via the band All Time Low.

  • focusing on this quote ^^
  • orange nails, like the lovely miss Hayley Williams. <3
  • writing and piecing together songs with my band. i'm not sure how much i've actually mentioned about the band, or if i've even officially told ya'll what we're called. well we recently labeled ourselves as Society's Errors, and we are pretty spanking proud of what we've got going. :) i sing, and my dear friend Anna plays piano like a boss and also sings. we *thought* we had two other members on board, but it turns out they just weren't the right fits. so at this point we're just praying that God will bring along who He wants us to be in this thing with. hoping He'll find the perfect fits for us.
  • trying to find a way to come up with money. money that will go towards flying me back to haiti next year. but here's the thing: i need 2,000 + dollars. so i'm looking for jobs like a crazy person right now.
  • preparing for a dance recital. the recital itself is a charity benefit for sexually abused children, and it's this weekend! i'm super stoked!!! especially because the next day marks the beginning of Giant Sale week...
  • twice a year, my church puts together a massive hulk-sized garage sale. some of what we earn goes towards our trips to haiti, so this time around it means so much more to me. it'll be that much more near and dear to my heart. i'll be working all week to pull this thing off, so i might not be seen much around here. but with Giant Sale week marks the six month anniversary of the life-changing For King and Country concert!!!! (*squeals and blushes uncontrollably*) HOLY BEANS. it seems like just yesterday i met JOEL AND LUKE SMALLBONE, guys. i seriously can't believe it!!!


well dear faithful readers,

i love you all so flipping much. but as most of you know, the past couple of weeks have been extremely challenging for me to get through. i've been sorting through a lot of things like healing and defining relationships. and so much good has come from all of it, but i still need time to keep on thinking.

on the brighter side of things, however, i've been having more and more motivation and inspiration to start writing about haiti. so the plan at this point is that when Giant Sale week is over, i'll start this process of telling you all the stories. introducing you to all the special people i met and got to know so well on that trip. all of those who are like my family now. they're all these special, irreplaceable people i feel like i could go to with anything. and i love that. and i want to tell you all about each of them.

so if you could wait just a little longer, it'll all get here. this time of me processing things has been good. and you all are so sweet to be so patient. love you guys to the moon and back.

choosing joy,


Molly Marie said...

Take your time, Hannah. We all need time, and hurrying won't really get us any further while we are trying to sort through things.


Sierra said...

So jealous, I got to see them (like 5 feet away or less) but I didn't get to meet them :( I'm glad you are doing well, love the quote and orange nails :D

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