Monday, February 25, 2013

my band wall.

The All-American Rejects.


Taking Back Sunday.

For King and Country.


and Justin.

still a work in progress, but i think that i am in love. <3
any thoughts?

happy monday, sweethearts! :) hannah.


Sierra said...

I like your poster wall :D Well kinda minus JB... I have several kinda mini ones. Like I cut stuff out of adds etc. and then make a collage on a large piece of white paper on my wall. Looks cool but kinda messy :P FK&C is the! Love them! And your blog :) Sierra
Keep growing beautiful!

Anonymous said...

no One Direction? lol

the girl called Hannah said...

Thank you, Sierra! Oh I know, FK&C are the bomb. and my dear homies. LOVE THEM.

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