Sunday, February 10, 2013

coming out as hayley.

lately i have felt like each day, when i get dressed and look at myself in the mirror, i am a different person every time.

there are days when i don't feel like i am expressing who i am through what i wear. which makes me feel restricted. because fashion, i believe, is the biggest way to express ourselves.

lately, i have felt like i just dress as "normal" as possible to fit in.

lately, i have been looking to hayley williams (lead singer of the band Paramore) for fashion advice.

although i can't say that one hundred percent of what she wears is modest, i absolutely adore her style. i love the way she puts things together. i love how free she is. i love how nothing she wears matches. but i love her uniqueness most of all.

so in short, i basically think that hayley here is the best.

her confidence, too, is something i really admire.

i want to be able to display that kind of confidence in my own self.

so as of today, i am re-inventing myself as hayley williams.

i want to express all that i am through what i wear.

i don't want to care about blending in with the rest of my piers.

not anymore.

xx and happy sunday, loves!

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