Sunday, October 28, 2012

the next four years.

truth is, my generation is going to be the one taking care of all of our nation's problems after all of you people who are voting these days are gone.

truth is, i don't want to be doing that.

truth is, i want my nation restored back to it's former glory.

and truth is, that can't happen if we have Obama in for another four years.

so truth is, if i could vote, i would vote for Mitt Romney.

and though people may think that i get my opinions from my parents, i would still vote for him.

because like him, i believe that is a baby you are killing when you perform and abortion. because like him, i see how deeply in debt our nation is. like him, i see how we need a leader who will stay true to his word.

so i've been praying. and i will be completely honest.
i've never prayed for our nation before.

until now.

now i see how deep we are in the muck that Obama has gotten us into. frankly, what our last couple of presidents have gotten us into. but it's not just them. it's the people. we are a sickeningly lazy nation. we are a bunch of people who sit around on their butts all day. who don't work. who live off of the government. that alone is a sign of the muck we are into. and we are chin deep in it.

over the last couple of weeks i have been watching the debates and it scares me. it scares me to imagine what our country will look like if Obama were to get re-elected.

he lies. and he cheats. and he keeps secrets from his people.

and i don't want a president that does that.

i believe that things will only begin to change for the better if Romney gets in.

i'm on my knees this time around.

the things i see today on the tv screen. well, they terrify me sometimes. and i want these times to end. i want to be rid of them. i want to see a group of people who work harder. i want to see a man in power who is really going to begin to fix all of our problems.

* * * * * * *

chances are, i may get some hate over this. but this is where i stand. and i don't see anything wrong with wanting a stronger, more secure America. i don't mean to offend anybody who reads this. but it's about freedom of speech. and i would rather keep that freedom. i want to protect all of my freedom. i want to keep my weapons and my religion and right to homeschool.

that won't stay if we have Barack Obama as our nation's leader for another four years.

so if i could vote, i would vote American.



kinga said...

I don't want to get into a huge debate about politics. But here's why I would not vote for Romney if I was old enough to vote:
Paul Ryan, his running mate, voted AGAINST a bill introduced that would ensure that women are paid the same as men for doing the same job (because right now, even when working the same exact job, women are paid less than men). Couple that with both of their stances with women's rights and abortion, and I see two rich white sexist men.

I disagree with their stance on gay marriage, and really there is no legal basis for banning it.

Romney has shown himself as a bully in the debates, always interrupting and never waiting his turn. That's not the man I think is worth to lead. He constantly attacks Obama with false stories, time and time again. (I know Obama attacks Romney too, but Romney likes to use the same lies to do so - like Obama's "apology tour" around the world, that NEVER happened).

I'm also not keen to vote for a man who has contempt for half of the country, calling them lazy and unwilling to take responsibility for themselves - BEHIND their backs.
And at the last debate, I believe it was, when talking about the children of illegal immigrants who were brought here very young, his plan was utterly ridiculous and shows how out of touch with the average person he is - he wanted, in order for those kids who were brought here and became illegal immigrants through no fault of there own, to have to serve in the military in order to be able to become citizens. That's ridiculous.

I could keep going, forever. Romney loves to say Obama has awful foreign relations, but the truth is Obama isn't the one who took a tour of Europe this summer and managed to insult every country he visited - that was Romney. He insulted England, Poland, and several other countries as well.

You say Obama lies and cheats and "isn't true to his word." Take a look at Romney's record. He has recently changed stances, often very drastically, on just about every major issue. I wouldn't be surprised if he flip flops again, if he would become elected.

You say Obama keeps secrets from his people - mind sharing what those secrets you think he's keeping are? You're aware that there are many things that cannot be revealed, for security, diplomacy, or various other reasons. (And be honest - do you seriously think Romney would be fair and open, never lying, never cheating, never turning back on his word? No, he wouldn't. He's a politician.)

It's not fair to say that we're lazy because we don't work and muck off the government. Romney, who was born into privilege, does not understand this - that money is often very tight. I was blessed to be in a middle class family - we haven't ever been lacking anything, but we aren't swimming in luxury; my parents each have several extra jobs to make ends meet. It's hard to find work; it's hard to find work that could sustain a family (especially with so much work being outsourced to China - in fact Romney himself outsourced many jobs overseas when he was head of a company in the late 90's!).

Lastly, it irks me when everyone blames Obama for everything. This mess had been at least 8 years in the making before Obama took office. To expect all problems to be solved in a meager four years is ludicrous - be realistic.
And you can't forget the good Obama has done - most economists agree his stimulus bill saved us from entering a second Depression. He ended the war in Iraq and is ending the war in Iran by 2014. I would go on but this comment is way too long as it is. :)

And yeah - I'm not attacking you, but this is politics, so I'm responding to you. I'd love to hear your response. :)

kinga said...

Also... again, no hate, but do you mean to say the voting Obama isn't voting American? What is up with that? Please don't tell me you believe that hogwash about him not being born here, or some racist thing. I'd wager he's more typically American than Romney, because he hasn't been sitting on a cushion of money all his life.
Kinga :)

Neeley said...

I agree. If I could vote, I'd vote for him. I didn't care a thing about Politics until recently. But as I can't vote, all I can so is pray and know God's in control whatever happens next week.

the girl called Hannah said...
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the girl called Hannah said...
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the girl called Hannah said...


Well, we clearly don't see eye to eye on politics, but I should clear up one thing. I am not racist. The reason I wouldn't vote for Obama is because of his opinions. I don't agree with them and I don't see any good that has come from his presidency. But none of the reasons why I dislike him have to do with the color of his skin.

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