Friday, October 26, 2012

musicians i have looked up to

not only has music become a huge part of me, but bands and artists themselves have, too.

you all know this. like the All-American Rejects. and For King and Country. it was the Rejects boys who helped me to start to be more wild and free. and it was Joel and Luke who taught me that there is always hope.

so because their songs have helped me, they have helped me. they write the songs that have gotten me through dark, dark places. and i can never thank them enough for that. i look up to them all so much.

i could name a hundred of them. but i will try to keep this list to a minimum of three extremely talented people. people who i want to play guitar like someday.


these are the artists who have inspired me the most. 
and they have grown me in more ways than they could possibly imagine.

nick wheeler.
when i first aspired to playing the guitar, you all know. i dreamed of one day playing like Nick Wheeler of AAR. and i still do.

when i first started out, i watched him play and i was completely and utterly mesmerized. like, he blew me away. and it was this guy who helped me toward my dream to begin with. on days when i felt down because i just couldn't hold my pick quite right, i would think of him and where he is as a musician now. and it kept me going.

matt rubano.
holy goodness. this guy is the most talented bassist i have ever known. and he has the most amazing hair ever. and he is super stylish. and he is the one who made me want to aspire to playing bass. like him. cuz he's the ultimate boss.

a music college i have looked at is actually where he went to college!

so one day, if i go there, too, i will have a lot to thank this guy for. :)

adam lazzara.
it's funny how i found this guy, actually. you see, matt rubano plays with the rejects on tour, who played with adam in the band Taking Back Sunday for a while.

yeah, yeah all of my favorite rock bands know each other. and it doesn't get much better than that.

but adam here plays acoustic guitar. like me. except he's way cooler when he does it. and way faster. and he doesn't have to look at his fingers when he plays.

i wanna play like that.

someday, i will get there. 

it will take time, of course, i know that. i expect that. it's been frustrating, but i have a lot of people to look to when i'm down. 
i can look to them and say, "someday". 
someday it will all happen.
and i will be glad i did.

love and hugs,

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