Saturday, October 20, 2012

and i know i will love them all forever.

listening to: parachute - forever and always

yesterday, mummy and i were driving in the car. taking a meal to our pastor and his wife who have just had their first baby. i thought about when i would have my own family. and then, i realized how much i think about that.

how much i think about what would probably be the next step towards that for me.

which would be finding my honey. my man. my hubby.

i found myself realizing how much i think about what he will be like. what his personality will be like. what he will look like. not about how handsome he will be, but innocently, just what he will look like.

it's funny how often i am thinking about my future. all the time. constantly. constantly thinking about who i will become and what i will do.

i wonder whether i will produce music or teach dance.

i wonder how many babies i will have.

i wonder when it will all begin.

so as weird as it does sound, i am excited for it all begin. i am looking forward to meeting my husband, meeting my children.

it's like i love them already. though i don't know them and my kids don't even exist yet, i am already stoked to get to know their dear little hearts.

truly. it will be a beautiful, beautiful thing to look back on these words when i am a wife and a mommy. when i'm carrying my baby girl or baby boy. whoever i end up with, they will be loved.



Kristin said...

I do the same thing. I'm constantly wondering about the future: Who I'll marry, how many kids I'll have, where I'll work, etc. I'm ready for it all to start, just like you.
Kristin @ Serendipity

Anonymous said...

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