Saturday, September 15, 2012

of legos, and nerf wars, and justin bieber, and nature walks. and cousins.

for the past month or so, my family and i had been eagerly awaiting this week, the week when our aunt and our cousins would come and stay with us. i we all had literally been dying of suspense. pretty much. yup. :)

finally, they got here. and these last two days were absolutely beautiful. they consisted of jamming out in the back seat of the van to justin bieber, getting hit with foam nerf bullets, building with legos, laughing till our guts hurt, and lots and lots of hugs. here is a glimpse of our time with reagan, zach and aunt erin.

 us kids camped out in the living room. i got the couch :)

we watched nacho libre for our first night together. zach ( who is six years old ) calls it the 
"mexico wrestling movie".

the day after they arrived, we all headed out to a local nature center. and it was cold. like puffy jacket over a long sleeved shirt COLD.

zach and hans. standing on a table. being typical boys.

reagan. when she was a baby, people used to believe she was my baby sister. blonde hair. blue eyes. 
we were most definitely twins.


i think we may have another photographer in the family ;)


this boy. i love him so much. always looking for adventure.

and trust me, he always manages to find it.


the light, their smiles. gah.

oh, word.

and there were turkeys. lots and lots of turkeys. which is unfortunate, because i have a 
completely rational fear of these things.

this girl. she loves justin bieber, too. with a passion. so we have a lot in common. and she has the most 
beautiful blonde hair i have even seen.

can we all just say Rapunzel? i think so.

such a sweetheart.

on the way home, we stopped during happy hour at sonic. OH YES.

"hannah, let me drink in peace!!!"

ornery as heck.

after dinner that night, reagan and i sprawled out our art supplies on the dining room table--

that's my girl! (:(:(:

yeah, yeah we kinda sorta went fangirl crazy.

* * * * * * *

words can't even describe how much i love these three people. i am looking forward to seeing you all next month! love you bunches!

hugs and kisses,

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Molly Marie said...

This was so cute :D This reminds me so much of my family. I have an aunt with two little ones: Elliott and Emmi, and it's always the highlight of my week when they come up, and somehow, Elliott can always talk me into a nerf gun war ;)
And, oh my word, were they adorable! Zach reminded me so much of my little brother, and Reagan, she was a little cutie, you definitely could say Rapunzel!


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