Monday, September 24, 2012


yesterday at my church, my dear friend Grace came running up to me with a surprise. she reads this blog, my blog. she knows what i am here for. she knows it's purpose. she knows it's many, many stories and what it's been through.

she made me this piece of artwork.

when she first handed it to me and i read the words, i just about could have cried. this blog means so much to me. it's become a massive part of my life. and getting her gift made me feel like what i do here is impacting people everyday and that makes what i do feel like something special. it's putting what i do into something i can touch and be proud of.

thank you, miss Grace. i love you with all my heart.

thank you, all.



Hannah said...

How amazing!

Molly Marie said...

Hannah, you have impacted my life beyond measure. You are so incredibly encouraging, and you have helped me find joy in the darkest corners of life. I would also like to thank YOU Hannah, because you well deserve it ♥


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