Sunday, August 19, 2012

the velveteen rabbit

like every single one of these performances, The Velveteen Rabbit was an unforgettable experience. but with this show, i grew a lot more than i usually do. i had to trust God a lot more. i had to trust that His plan for me is always perfect. there were times when i wanted to quit dancing altogether and give up on my dream completely. there were times i believed i just couldn't do it. there were times i was completely joyful, there were times i was completely in despair. in the midst of it all, i couldn't understand why Jesus would have me hanging behind everyone else. but now i can take a step back and see all His reasons why. i believe He wanted me to have humility all this time. yes, yes now i get it.

so of all the ballets i've ever been in, The Velveteen Rabbit has been the most memorable for me. and now, the post you all have patiently been waiting for.


the first car ride to the theater with my bestie, kristen:

she had these kind of sort of awesome neon blue curlers.

the bridge. i. hate. this. thing.

gorgeous blue missouri skies all week. :)

in the dressing room:

my costume rack.

yes, yes i was completely going all stalker on my friends while they put their makeup on. sorry guys. so sorry about that.

sweet katie.

yes. moi.

camille, sophie, and mrs. anderson. i love these ladies to death.

one of my many costume stashes. i had them all ready, and all over the place.

this hair. yes this hair, right here, i did that. I MADE THAT. YES I DID.

hey there, michaela.

me, kristen, and michaela.

on the way home after day one of theater rehearsals:

wow. now that's class.

we were dog tired.

the day of my first performance, my grandma brought me roses:

okay, okay i'm done. more backstageness...

left to right: tess, kristen, michaela, megan ( the rabbit! :), and me.

kristen and i.

the level five girlies. aka, my sistas. <3

tess, michaela and i.

i love this girl. SO MUCH.

my dear teachers:

rachael and i.

amber and i. and baby evey. she wanted in on the action.

in between our last two performances, kristen and i went out for dinner at chipotle. and some people working there thought that my tribal makeup was a tattoo. wow, people. really? i mean, REALLY? sheesh.

and then we headed back to the theater to do everything we have worked for for the past seven months one last time. and there were tears. lots and lots of tears. it was all very emotional.

me, michaela, and megan.

me, kristen, and katie.

then we had to say goodbye to the seven senior girls, who have been like older sisters to me, mentors, and dear friends. i love each of them with all my heart.

me, hailee, kristen, and jess.

top to bottom: kristen, me, jess, and maddy.

this community my teachers have created for us is a beautiful, beautiful thing. without it, i don't know where i'd be. i love each and every one of those girls to death. every one of them is special to me in a different way. they are forever my sisters. and i thank Jesus for putting them all in my life.

although i'm sad it's all over, i'm looking forward to what these next two years will have in store for me, what Jesus has in store for me.


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Megan said...

So beautiful! I'm thankful to have gone on the journey with you!

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