Thursday, June 21, 2012

my inspiration

i've just picked up the guitar. like seriously, just picked it up. i've always wanted to learn an instrument, but i've had my focus mainly on dance up until now. and if i really want to do something with music, i've got to learn an instrument, dang it! so i've decided to learn guitar. want to know why this has suddenly happened for me? okay, okay i will tell you why...

this happened. this guy, yes, this guy right here. he is my inspiration and my soul reason for deciding to make some noise. this is nick wheeler of the all-american rejects. and he is the bomb, girls.

oh goshbubbles. i can't even describe his talent. or his insane awesomeness. he's a natural at what he does. my dream? to one day play like him. i can't even put into words how much i would love to do that.

i mean, come on, how cool would you have to be to have your own guitar solo while standing on top of a moving lawn mower for a video shoot? yes, yes he is that awesome.

yeah, i know that what i plan to aspire to is gonna take a heck of a lotta time, but i'm really willing. because if you heard him play, you'd wanna aspire to playing like him, too.

thanks, nick, for being such an awesome, musical role model. you make me happy, bro. :)

okay, so sorry for all the fan girling lately. i'll try to tone it down. but you should know that when i fan girl, i don't just fan girl like every other girl who fans. i fan girl hardcore. okay, okay i'll just shut up now because i think you got my message.

hugs and kisses.


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Bonnie said...

I have always wanted to play the guitar, but I am worried that my hands are too small. I have tiny baby hands with tiny baby fingers.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

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