Sunday, May 13, 2012

to catch the dream

After some soul-searching, I've made up my mind. Although I want to go on as a professional dancer, I also know I want to do something on the side with photography. And now, something with singing, too. I just love to sing! Music is my soul. Cranking up the volume to the highest notch on an upbeat Rejects song and dancing around my bedroom is the best feeling in the world.

The people who have inspired me the very most to go for this dream is ( and are you surprised? ) AAR. They started out as a little band in Oklahoma and got big by simply going for their dream. I'm just one girl, living in Missouri, homeschooled, and only my brother has heard me sing in front of my bedroom mirror.

But he sings, too, and loves it. He dreams of going on as a singer, too. Maybe we can do something together. Only problem is, he doesn't like The Rejects, which is a huge buzzkill for me...

but it will all work out. i'm just gonna catch the dream and yeah, yeah from there everything will work out. i'm sure of it.

appropriate for the idea of this post, no? :)

hugs and kisses,

p.s. and happy happy happy mother's day to my mother, and all the beautiful, amazing, talented mothers out there. i just wanted to thank mine for giving me life and doing everything she's done for me. she kinda rocks.

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