Thursday, May 10, 2012

just let it go.

when the girl that's a year younger than you gets the part you wanted. and you wonder, "was i good enough?", "did i push enough?". you want to do this thing for your career, but how can you when you've never even had your own solo? you feel like you just can't anymore. you just want to scream and be done with it all.

but it's about letting go and knowing that someday that will be you. it will happen. you just have to be your best and show the world that they were wrong; you can do everything the other girl can do and more. and then the dream comes true.



Jazzie Shea said...

I know the feeling! Just always keep in mind that the Lord works all things together for those who love Him!

God bless you, sweet girl!
xxo, Jazzie

ThePixie said...

Ah, I can totally relate. Keep going strong, dreams do come true. :)

Btw, is that you in the photo? Gorgeous hair.

Pretty lady said...

Beautiful picture!
And yes, it does happen. By the time it does, you don't focus on what others say.

Simi said...

I know what you mean! it can be disappointing when a dream falls apart, but if you keep pressing on, you'll finally achieve it :) xx.

Mikailah said...

Hey Hannah! :)
I just found your fabulous blog, and to put it simply, I'm following. ;) Lovely post, m'dear.

Mikailah'd love it if you would stop by, and follow, if you like! ;)

the girl called Hannah said...

Thank you everyone! Your words mean a lot. Pixie- I actually found the picture on Pinterest, but I sure wish that was my hair! Dang! :)

with hugs and kisses,

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