Friday, May 25, 2012

of floods

my dear friend tess and i had planned on spending the afternoon at our neighborhood pool today. but the both of us woke up this morning to thunderstorms. wind and thunder and lightning and lots and lots of rain. the weather man said we were under a flood warning.

and it rained so much that debris had spilled into the lake, making it off limits to swim or boat in. and the pool's motor had flooded. there would definitely be no swimming in either one today.

the dam had also flooded. now you should know that this dam is always dry. so dry that you can see heat waves erupting off the rock. but now, it's all one big waterfall. i kid you not.

so after most of the storm had passed and the waters had subsided a bit, my family and i, tess, and a friend of hans's all piled into the van and headed for the dam to see the results of the crazy storm.

docks are submerged under water, and all the yards are one big mess of muddy mush. it's hot and humid. it's pretty much a jungle. it looks like the amazon.

oh, and this is tess, by the way. isn't she just adorable?

the jungleness.

and these boys, yes these boys are monkeys.

praising God for keeping us safe today, and for giving me yet one more beautiful thing to snap photos of. :)

with hugs and kisses,

p.s. the q&a vlog will be posted tomorrow, so be checking back here early in the morning and later in the afternoon for it!

1 comment:

ThePixie said...

I love your closing statement - way to stay positive! The photos are great; the current looks really strong!

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