Thursday, May 24, 2012

love rebuilds

i have a friend. she's my dearest. i met her four years ago and at the time i never could have guessed that we would be besties today.

i was just getting to know her about the time i lost my very best friend. after seven years of knowing her, i was really struggling with it. i felt completely alone and without a friend. i was hurt and angry. so i quickly figured out how to put up walls so that the next time love came my way i wouldn't be hurt again. but then i met kristen. and slowly but surely, she's helped me take the walls down and let in a little sunlight. and these days, i share everything with her. when i'm angry, or hurt, or happy, she listens. and i listen to her, too. we are so alike, us two! so alike that God planned us to be born eight days apart. :)

it's me and her. she and i. where she goes, i go, too.

as i get to know her heart better, i see how love can rebuild. it's healing me and shaping me again. and i can't thank Jesus enough for that.

* * * * * * *

i recently watched a video with my mom on friendship and how it can make or break us. which is so true, since i've experienced both. i had time to cry, and heal. it made me think of all of the beloveds i've gathered since what happened with my first friend. it broke me, but what is happening now is making me. kristen is helping my heart find a home again.

thank you, sweet girl.

with hugs and kisses,


kinga said...

beautiful! i'm blessed to have known my best friend for 10 years now :)

Anonymous said...

aw, Hannah!!
I am so completely blessed that God put you in my life! you are such a sweet blessing to me!! :) I hope we can be friends for a VERY VERY long time! love ya, girl!!! :)


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