Thursday, May 17, 2012


nothing, i had said, absolutely nothing could be compared to psych or downton abbey, my two favorite tv shows. but i was wrong. ladies, ( and those few gents who do read my blog ) i was dead wrong.

so there's this dude. his name is merlin. and he's a sorcerer.

but he uses his powers for good and that's what matters. his job, or his "destiny" as some characters would call it, is to protect arthur. yes, yes i mean the prince arthur...

...which is this guy. with the crazy-awesome hair and the blue eyes.

oh arthur. he is my favorite guy. if you've seen this show before, then you know that he can be a real jerk at times, so i'm sorry but he is my man. he's brave and he's handsome. and he has a british accent. enough said.

bradley james. i will love him forever.

gwen. she is crazy gorgeous, brave, completely sweet to everyone, and has the truest heart. love her. and her smile makes me smile. :)

and now we've come to it. it's time to tell ya'll about the bestest most beautiful love story of all time. and i seriously mean of all time. it's all about gwen and arthur. they're so perfect together. and guess what? i haven't even caught up to the season where they officially get together! i'm just now seeing the beginnings of what's to come! and i'm so excited.

at first, i didn't think it could ever be possible. but now i can see that his hardness and her kind spirit compliment each other, which is what makes them perfect.

and when they first kissed, i was ecstatic. i was like screaming and crying all at once. it was a terrible mess. I'M SORRY GUYS, I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS. especially when it comes to love and things like that.

okay, moving on. i know you were probably puking in a nearby trashcan by now, so i'll change the subject up a bit.

gaius. he's pretty cool, too, i've gotta say. he's smart, for a physician of his time, in my opinion and i love the relationship between him and merlin. he is practically a father to him and that makes me happy.

the king uther, arthur's father. holy cow. where do i start? hate this guy. can't stand his guts! he's foolish and he hates magic. so as a result, i hate on him.

morgana. she is the king's ward and she is beautiful and sweet, up until-- well, i can say no more. don't want to spoil it for any of you guys.

okay, okay i'm done raving now. my point in writing all of this-- which ultimately just turned out to be another post about handsome guys and their lady friends-- is just to let you know that if you like harry potter like i do and you like lord of the rings like i do, combine the two and you get merlin. so i suggest that you go and watch it now on netflix. come on, you know you want to. ;)

with hugs and kisses,


ThePixie said...

AH! You too?! I flippin love this show! But I've already seen the entire thing, and am soooo impatient for the 5th series. Rumor has it that it'll be a couple years yet. Boo.

the girl called Hannah said...

Isn't it just the best?!?! Pixie, we'll have to have some serious chats about this show. ;) I don't know if I can wait a couple of YEARS! It would be the end of me.


Mikailah said...

Wow, Hannah. I've actually never heard of this show! But now I'll have to watch it. ;) And I didn't realize that your blog name was Genuine! I was thinking about changing my blog name to that... kinda funny. ;] Lovely review.


Molly said...

Hey Hannah! I awarded you an award for girls with great blogs. You can come check it out when you have time =D


kinga said...

so i just found your blog and was scrolling through and then i saw your two favorite shows were psych and downton abbey, and me too! except Sherlock would be top probably above those two :)
i'll have to watch merlin then! seems amazing ;)

the girl called Hannah said...

Kinga... I also watch Sherlock!!! Forgot to add that one to the list! ;D

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