Sunday, May 20, 2012


it means something different to all of us. for me, it's often something like an extra slice of chocolate cake, a pedicure, or taking a picture i'm very satisfied with. yeah, simple little things. for most people, it's usually bigger things. but my life isn't extravagant, and it's far from perfect.

in fact, i'll be perfectly honest. my family and i have gone many years without a lot of money, since my dad went back to school to be a doctor. when you learn to go without a lot of money, you learn to do fun things that don't require a lot of money. you learn to be thankful for and joyful in the smaller things that wouldn't otherwise matter. or at least, you wouldn't otherwise notice.

but my life is beautiful, and full of joy everywhere i look. i find it in sharing a big laugh with my dearest friends, i find it in cappuccino slushees, i find it in a mowed lawn to run barefoot in, and i find it in a new album on my ipod. i find it in new followers of this blog, i find it in connecting with my brother, and i find it even in brownies.

much love,

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Molly said...

Hannah, this was awesome =D I often overlook the joy in the little things, but this was a great reminder to find joy in the simple things :)


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