Sunday, May 27, 2012

broken (and beautiful)

over this weekend i was all over youtube, watching old x factor auditions. and it was then that i came across Chris Rene's. when his face first popped up on the screen, i immediately thought "great. just another mess". and then he walked out on that stage, and he sang. and he was amazing. words actually cannot describe it. and he is on the road to recovery from drugs and alcohol, which is what his song "Young Homie" is all about:


i have never cried before while watching american idol or x factor from hearing crazy-talented people sing, but when the crowd went crazy and he was so happy and he cried, i teared up, too. i'm a sympathetic crier.

* * * * * * *

i'm on my own road to recovery, as well. not from drugs and not from alcohol, but from a lotta years of being hurt and a lot of years of pain. i've got some healing to do and so does he. so i could relate. and he has a passion for singing, which i share, too. :)

his story made me realize how we're all a bit broken, but we're all beautiful inside. we all have a story of our own. and we're all gifted. and in some way or another we need to show the world what we've got to offer. and that is what makes us beautiful, the talent that Jesus stored up inside you and me and Chris Rene.

chris rene.

much love,

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Megan said...

That is so neat!

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