Friday, February 17, 2012

oh, hello there world!

... and welcome, welcome, welcome! I'm so excited to be here. :)

Well as this is my first post, I suppose an introduction might be nice and very convenient for you, dear readers. Just thought you'd like to know who's here, writing:

Hi, hello, hey, gutentag! I'm Hannah. Writer, dancer, photographer, actress, singer, and designer. Yeah, yeah I kinda have a lot of hobbies, in case you didn't just notice. My other loves are fashion, lowercase letters, James Cameron movies, and anything deep fried and covered in chocolate. All very, very good things. ;)

But most importantly, Jesus is my everything. I strive to live every single day for Him and be more like Him. My hope is that this blog will bring further glory to His kingdom. I want people to look at me and see Him within me.

I think that is enough for today. But no need for tears, m'dears, I'll be back again soon... :)

with hugs and kisses,

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