Saturday, February 18, 2012

i can't wait to meet him

My man. Call me crazy, but I'm seriously looking froward to married life. I'm such a girl... sheesh.

It's funny how often I catch myself thinking about my future; what I'll become, who I'll marry, how many kids I'll have and what their names will be. Since I was nine or ten, I've dreamed about what my house will look like. I'd pull out my markers, crayons and butterfly-print notepad and design the layout of it and color-coordinate all the furniture inside. But these days, I dream about who my hubby will be.

I want him to be tall, because I am short and I need a tall guy. He can be either a white blonde, or a brunette, because I'm in between. He ought to have brown eyes, because mine are all the colors of the ocean and my children will have no hope of having normal-colored eyes.

But what I want in a guy most of all is for him to love God with all his heart, mind and soul. Oh, and he should be a manly man and like to play Black Ops and shoot guns. I don't care if I wears skinny jeans. He should want to spend time with my friends and family too, because he not just marrying me, he's marrying all of them. I want someone who supports me and my dreams, my hobbies and passions. He should be sensitive, but not a bro who cries all the time. I want him to be someone I feel safe around and protected by. Hence the gun thing. I don't want a guy that's girly, and yeah, he can wear the skinny jeans and still be manly. I want a guy that likes to get his hands dirty. But he should treat me like a delicate flower. And lastly, he should have a sense of humor. Because no one can marry me and survive without being a laughing sort of person. :)

The chances of me finding this exact guy are quite incredibly slim. But basically, he's just gotta be a sweet guy who loves God and loves me.

My hope is that Jesus will lead me to the right one. I don't want to ever regret the decision of marrying him. Not for one second.

I'm looking forward to getting to know someone that well. I'm looking forward to our life together. I'm looking forward to that chapter of my life. Until that day comes, I'll just keep on praying that God will start getting that special man ready. Cause he has no idea of what he's really in for... ;)


kinga said...

yes! this has been on my mind SO much lately. amen to this :)

Lauricia said...

Awe....I get ya girl. I think about this a lot....

P.S. Pictures are out of this word!! Especially the one where the guy is holding the girl in the pink skirt up in his arms I'm in love with that one.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.KC.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...


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