Friday, July 12, 2013

i'm going on an adventure.

listening to: Come Back To Me by David Cook

it feels like- and it has been- a long time since my family and i took a vacation.

it's been eleven years since we went to germany. which are my roots, actually.

this year, just a couple of weeks ago, my dad graduated from residency. my dad completed the final step to becoming a doctor.

to celebrate, we're going to europe.

we're going back to germany in nine days.

words cannot possibly describe how utterly excited and happy i am to set foot on european soil.

we're driving to minneapolis, and then from there we're flying to reykjavik, iceland. we'll stay there a couple of days, and then flying on to frankfurt, germany. and that's as far as i know.

but i'm stoked.

no, i'm beyond stoked.

but i must say, i think i'm already missing home and my dearest friends.

three weeks away is a loooong time to be away from home.

but it'll be fun.

it'll be really fun.

and much has happened over the last couple of weeks, so it'll be good to get away. to think. to hit the refresh button.


so, i'm going on an adventure.

and i'm pretty excited about it.

i'm sorry, i can't help it and i can't hold it in any longer: i kinda sorta really feel like bilbo baggins when i say that. that i'm going on an adventure.

but i am.


so yeah.

xx and keep on choosing the truth over lies, love.


Megan said...

So excited for you all! I'm looking forward to hearing about it!

Sierra said...

I can totally see you running from your burrow :) Have a wonderful adventure Hannah! I hope you have the best timeeeee!! xox, Sierra

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