Wednesday, March 6, 2013

and i'll be off // haiti 2013

i mentioned briefly a while back, i think, that i am taking a trip to haiti with my dad and some other members of my church.

guys, i am kinda sorta really super stoked!!! i will be leaving this sunday around 4:45 am, and i won't be back until the following monday afternoon.

i would really appreciate prayers from everyone who reads my blog. obviously, haiti is not really safe. like at all.

so i'm a little nervous about that.

just pray that me and my team will be completely safe and be able to help as many people as possible. i'm going to be working in a medical clinic with my dad, and i'll be doing things like getting each patient's history.

i'll be taking my camera, so i'm hoping God will give me plenty of opportunities to take pictures. especially portraits. :)

* * * 

i am so blessed to be able to get to have this experience. and i know that from today on, i'll be extremely busy with packing for the trip. so i wanted to say goodbye, now, while i still have some spare time left on my schedule.

love you all!!

hugs and kisses,


Neeley said...

Oh this is so exciting, Hannah! I will praying for you. My mission trip last year is what gave me a heart to be a missionary :)

Abi said...

What a neat opportunity for you! I will definitely be praying for safety. God is going to use you for great things!

Sierra said...

An amazing chance, I bet it will be life changing! I hope you have a wonderful time and I will definitely be praying for y'all! Sierra
Keep growing beautiful!

Maya said...

What a great oppertuinty, dear! I put your name up on my prayer list and I alredy know God's going to work.

ⓜⓔⓔⓝⓐ said...

that's awesome!

Pepper said...

Wow, that is amazing you are going. My sister is actually going to Haiti in June this year for a mission trip with Global Expeditions. It will be so hard to see the poverty and disaster that those people have gone through, but redeeming because they are going to be shown how much the Creator truly treasures and cares for them!
Something my mom always told me if we were nervous or scared about doing something, but obviously called to do it by God, she would say "You are in the safest place if you are in God's hands and doing His will"

It reminds me that if God called us to be there that he will bless it and you are the safest you will ever be.

God Bless!

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