Tuesday, December 18, 2012

stephen. christian.

over this last week, i've been checking out more and more of Anberlin's music and now they are officially labeled a favorite band of mine. yes, yes yet another alternative rock band has captured my heart. :)

their lead singer in named Stephen Christian. and quite quickly, and rather randomly, i have become a huge fan psycho fangirl.

i am in absolute love with this guy. his hair. his smile. his voice. his sweet personality. and he wears black skinny jeans and combat boots. WORD.

i can't even begin to describe his utter awesomeness. and, guess what? he once was jamming out so hard that he fell on the stage so hard that he proceeded to skin his poor knee. said he didn't even realize it was bleeding until after the show was over. said it didn't even hurt. what a boss.

so i shall try to remain calm throughout the posts to come, but please expect some periodic fandom. i'm sorry, i just love him too much not to throw him into a post or two. who knows, he may even be getting his own label here on this very blog... ;)

happy tuesday, ya'll.

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