Thursday, December 20, 2012

lately // just life

duck faces. i have serious problems, guys... ;)

so, i realized i haven't actually written a normal person post in a long, very long time. you know, one that's looser and funny and not drowning in emotion (and i absolutely love writing those posts, don't get me wrong, i love it, but i need some looseness in my life, guys).

so lately... lately has been wonderful.

(1) i've been on this rampage to find a used bass guitar for a reasonable price and the results so far have looked promising so after Christmas (*hopefully*) i will be able to finally get one and call it my very own. and that guitar and i, we will be best friends, for sure.

(2) i've also been putting together a draft of a bucket list for 2013. and new year's resolutions and such. because there is so much that i want to accomplish in the coming year. like, getting a shorter-than-usual hair cut. and start wearing combat boots, and suspenders. and i also want to go to more concerts. and, really truly finally start a band. names are still being tossed around, but all i know is i want to sing and that's just about it. yes, yes it's all very very sketchy at this point. but i've got a dream and a strong will, so it's all good. :)

(3) oh, and there's this small detail that i've been working on recording covers for the past six months. like, me singing.

now, this is all very new and completely terrifying to an amateur so, i have been procrastinating putting them on the internet for the whole world to see. so, nothing is set in stone, but i've thought about putting up a youtube channel. what do you all think? i'd love to get some input.

(4) there's been a lot of Christmas-rushyness around our house. you know, family drama, getting the house all super-cleaned, making endless trips to the store for more food to stock up on and put away until monday night. the usual. but i love it all. actually, i don't like the family drama, but all the rest is all kind of exciting. my mother would beg to differ i am sure, since she's the one actually doing all the driving to the stores, but still.

(5) and, as you saw in my photos, it did snow. right before Christmas, too. so i am a very happy girl.

(6) a dear friend of mine and i have both felt a calling into the music industry, and so it's been fun lately to watch us both grow.

and that's about it.

life has been sweet. how have you ladies ( uh, and i guess few random gents? ) been? oh, and would you like to see me writing more of these kind of posts from now on?

with hugs and kisses,

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Anonymous said...

Lovely Hannah. <3 I generally stalk and don't comment, but can I just say now that you inspire me? Each and every post, something in the genuineness rings true in my own heart. Something you say always strikes a chord, be it simple or profound.

Bass guitar. Much yes. Let me know when you find it!

Oh yes, bucket lists and resolutions...It's always fun to look back at the end of the year and see what you've accomplished and how far you've come. I ought to do that... *makes a mental note*
As for the band, you mentioned singing, but you play guitar too, so would you do both? Just curious of what your plans are. :)

And YES, you should definitely start a Youtube channel!! :)

The snow. Oh, the lovely snow. Eliana and I were literally boinging and dancing all around the house the day it snowed! Something about snow always brings out the childish excitement that's unfortunately not coming as often as often because of the stress of high school and planning and growing up.

Can't wait for dance to start back up so we can all see each other again! Oh, and have a wonderful Christmas!


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