Thursday, November 22, 2012

today as a dedication.

a list. i thought. should i do one of those? the answer was no. because in the past year, i have really been grateful for one thing in particular. like, it has really been the biggest thing imprinted on my heart and soul.

it was the fact that in the last couple of months, Jesus saved me again. or rather, i gave my life back to Jesus. i got set free. i opened back up. i changed. i am, still, changing.

and i am the happiest now that i have ever been in my entire life.

so that, today, right now, is what i am most thankful for. i could name hundreds of thousands of other things, too, but ultimately, this is what i am grateful beyond measure for.

i feel that God gave me so many incredible experiences and people to pick me back up to my feet. He put loose and wild and free experiences and people into my life. which i find ironic, because that is exactly what i had always been struggling along with, being loose and wild and just free.

but today, i can feel the freedom again. not worrying about what other people think of me.

not worrying about what i look like as much anymore, and just trusting who i am in HIM.

He gave me hands to hold and shoulders to cry on. He has blessed me with everything i have needed on the journey.

He has given me new passions and dreams. He has given me the will to get back out of bed in the morning.

so today, today i dedicate this day to Jesus. first and foremost. because He gives me today. and sometimes i remember that i may not even be here if it weren't for Him. my depression was so consuming, it may have swallowed me up first.

i would also like to dedicate this day to some very important people in my life.

i would like to thank the bands For King and Country, the All-American Rejects, and Taking Back Sunday for helping me along in this journey. i believe they have always been the influence in my life for helping me be more free. which is why i look up to them all so much. the way that they live their lives everyday inspires me and i don't know where i would be if it weren't for their guidance.

also, i would like to thank Kristen, for standing beside me. you knew that over the years, there's been a lot of problems. and you never gave up on me. and you still don't. you hugged me all the times i was hurting most. you are my sister and i love you to the end of the earth and back.

so today is Thanksgiving. and i am going to live it as a dedication to the One, and to the people who have helped set me free.

happy Thanksgiving, all!

learning to choose joy,


Anonymous said...

Aww! Hannah, I am crying my eyes out right now!! I am so thankful that you are my sister in Christ!!!

Capturing the Moment said...

I just LOVE these words!!!

Neeley said...

this is lovely! There is so much to be thankful for!

the girl called Hannah said...

Thanks, guys!! I love you and am thankful for each of you <3

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