Saturday, July 7, 2012

my favoritest of famous people

aar. need i even mention these guys? (*romantic sigh*) yes, yes, they are always at the top of my lists. <3

sam worthington.

since his awesome role in avatar, i've been fangirling ever since. and when i learned he was actually an australian actor covering up his austrailian accent in his movies, that's when the swooning began to happen.

josh hutcherson.

and i am afraid to admit (well, probably not as afraid to admit it as i ought to be) that my girlfriends and i have such fanciful crushes on this guy that we officially dubbed him the nickname Hutchey. or sometimes called the J. Hutch. we're thinking of getting football jersey's supporting "team J. Hutch". we got issues. and that fact i am afraid to admit. ;)

um... so yeah, yeah i am just now realizing as i scan back over the post that i just wrote for ya'll that all three of my favorite peoples are, in fact, dudes. oh well, i'm a teenage girl, remember? i'm allowed to dream. so don't judge.


1 comment:

M Gates said...

I must admit I looked at that last picture for a long time. Oh snap he is fine.

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