Tuesday, May 29, 2012

some Big Numbers (an uppercase post)

Well here we are. And I am going to share some Big Numbers with you. Yes, you know It's important because I am writing an uppercase post and I just capitalized Big Numbers. Yeah, yeah this is kinda Big.

So in a month, I've gathered eighteen followers, written 38 posts ( this is my 39th :), and had over 900 pageviews! Ladies- and few random gents- this is big. And I'm so incredibly blessed to have you all here, reading. It's an honor and a pleasure to be getting to know ya'll better. So excited to see where this journey will take me...

much love,


Hazel said...

SO excting! I love your blog, Hannah. I always loved your old one and have fallen in love with this one two :)


kinga said...

congrats, dear! you deserve every follower and more :)

Kryn said...


~Miss Raquel said...

Hello, hello!

Just stumbled across your blog! And I must say, I really, really like what I see ;) I'm your newest follower, by the way! Congrats on 21 followers, 29 posts and over 900 pageviews! Keep up the good work.

~Miss Raquel @ God's Daughter

Hannah said...

wowza, you're starting off waaay better than I was during my first month :) Congrats!


Chelsea said...

Posts like this are great! You are beautiful!

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