Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hannah Marie

I am Hannah Marie. The genuine, passionate dreamer who loves ballet, singing, acting, writing, sketching, designing and photographing just about anything. I like tall guys (*cough, Captain America, cough, cough*) and fat animals. I have blue/gray/green eyes. Let's just say I've got "ocean eyes". My hair is crazy-untamable. My favorite band would have to be The All-American Rejects, since I listen to them OBSESSIVELY. I survive completely on chocolate and milk. My spine is crooked. My wardrobe consists of nothing but skinny jeans, converse, and colorful t shirts. I'm super sensitive. And ridiculously dramatic, but that comes in handy when I act. I prefer a rainy day to a sunny one. Oh, and one day, I promise you, I will bring a T-Rex back to life. Jesus is my life and I strive to live everyday for Him. I am homeschooled, and I love it! I write crazy long, incomplete lowercase sentences. I'm scared of clowns and monkeys. Black licorice tastes weird and remains the only kind of candy I won't inhale. Yeah, yeah I'm kinda original.

This is your authoress.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

1 comment:

M Gates said...

You are too adorable. I can't handle it. This is late but I just saw you have a new blog so now I can be filled with Hannah blog joy yet again. Also: we need to hang out. SOON. Okay. I love you. -Mary

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