Friday, April 20, 2012

i wanna


it's taken me years to make up my mind, and now i finally have something to aspire to. since i was four i've danced. it's taken me almost eleven years to find my own voice through dancing... and now i have. now i'm ready to say something that's been eating at my heart for over a year: 
             i want to be a professional dancer.


i was recently told that i could never do it, that i simply "wasn't good enough". so i'm pushing myself harder, i want to prove them all wrong and keep on doing what i've been passionate about for eleven years.

i wanna perform with major ballet companies. i wanna be odette. i wanna be aurora. someday, maybe, of course, not right now. during these next few years, i want to improve and become the very best that i can be as a dancer, as a performer. and i'll take every opportunity that comes my way.

of course, i want Jesus to be in every part of this. i want Him to be the one to tell me if i'm not supposed to go forward with this. it'll be a hard road, that i can be sure of. but if it's His will, He'll make a way, that i can be sure of.

to passion and to dreams.
hugs and kisses,

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