Thursday, April 19, 2012

can we all just fan girl for a moment?

I love music. Always have, always will. It's my laughter. In fact, I wouldn't be in the tight relationship that I'm in now with Jesus if it weren't for 97.3.

Last November, I discovered this band: The All-American Rejects. What started out as putting one of their oldies on repeat quickly turned into me bawling like a baby when I couldn't see them in concert a couple of weeks ago. Not to be immature or anything, I'm just a fan, that's all. ;)

the all-american rejects.
This is them, AAR. They are pure magic.

Tyson Ritter, lead singer.

And this guy? I love him. He totally rocks my world. His hair, his smile, his wardrobe. Swoony, swoon, swoon! And his bracelets and rings are the bomb. And, he was the one who first taught me that Justin Bieber isn't the only guy in this world who can pull off skinny jeans. Just say'in... the man has a great sense of style and is just pure amazing(ness).

They're cooky and emo and completely crazy twenty four seven, but I love them. Unfortunately, that same craziness makes it hard for me to listen to every single song of theirs. So I'd have to warn you if you start fan-girling, too, which I'm sure you will after you finish reading this post. ;)

When they first started out, they were super young, not much older than me:

and here they are today:

still the same crazy-awesomeness. love you guys.


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