Wednesday, December 26, 2012

i change for me, not for you.

listening to Stand by Britt Nicole 

self-expression is not gonna be easy for others around you to understand.

which is why i say all that matters is that YOU love who you are.

and ultimately, the right people will love you for who you are. they might not necessarily understand all that makes up you, but they won't question it or judge it. they will simply accept it, because half of love is accepting the other person. not accepting part of them because you have to, but accepting them because you love their heart. and that means loving everything that springs up as a result of their heart in full bloom.

you've just got to stand until you find those kind of people in your life. because, someday, whoever or whatever is holding you back will be gone. and your war will be won.

there are days when you are gonna want to give up because the battle for your self-expression will seem so impossible to win. but it's not. there may be days when walls get built up that may temporarily keep you away from what you know you need, what is right for you, but don't ever surrender.

you will fall seven times, but all that matters is that you stand up eight.

that's all it takes. and that's all it will ever take to win every war in your life.

xx. hannah

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